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  • Re-Tard3 change CoD: Advanced Warfare PS4 Event event's avatar

    9 hours 43 minutes ago

  • Re-Tard3 has changed the cover of the event; CoD: Advanced Warfare PS4 Event

    9 hours 44 minutes ago

  • Re-Tard3 added a new event
    9 hours 50 minutes ago
  • Re-Tard3
    9 hours 57 minutes ago

    Anyone else pumped about this whole "Share Play" coming to PS4 at the end of Oct. Looks like a really cool idea. Was one of the reasons I bought a PS4.

  • Re-Tard3 PS4 Crucible Sunday Afternoon!
    9 hours 58 minutes ago

    I do not play Destiny. Not by cup of tea. Thanks for the invite though.

  • C9Deaner replied to Clan Application
    10 hours 24 minutes ago

    Gamertag: xRedeemedOnEx Agreement: yes absolutely! Pumped to play with you guys!

  • PutUrFaceAway replied to Clan Application
    11 hours 36 minutes ago

    Gamertag: Jesterz7 Agreement: Yes I do work two full time jobs and have 5 kids I will be as active as I can.

  • PutUrFaceAway PS4 Crucible Sunday Afternoon!
    13 hours 26 minutes ago

    Would love to join but I only have this on the xbone

    PutUrFaceAway Sounds good I have added you as well. I play late in the evenings so Ill hit you up if I see you online
    11 hours 40 minutes ago 1
  • PutUrFaceAway Destiny
    13 hours 29 minutes ago

    Looking for a couple people who would like to team up later tonight and help me level a new character on Destiny. I have a level 27 Hunter and would like to add another character to my options. Bad part is I work two full time jobs and I dont get off work until 11:00 pm mst. if you are up that late and would like to help me please follow me on the xbone GT is Jesterz7 and we can join up. Thank you.

  • CTU JEFFnKARLY added a new event
    13 hours 33 minutes ago
  • CTU JEFFnKARLY COD Clan [Xbox 360] 3DR Live4Christ
    13 hours 37 minutes ago

    What is everyone looking forward to the most about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare?

  • CTU JEFFnKARLY COD Clan [Xbox 360] 3DR Live4Christ
    13 hours 38 minutes ago

    All 360 players please join the group 3DR Live4Christ on ghosts if you have ghosts I want to get everyone possible there before the switch and I still need to choose a co leader so please join

  • C9Deaner COD Clan [Xbox One] 3 Day Respawn
    15 hours 10 minutes ago

    Alright guys! Couldn't wait! Got the Xbox one! Gamer tag is. xRedeemedOnEx

  • C9Deaner COD Clan [Xbox One] 3 Day Respawn
    16 hours 13 minutes ago

    Oops! Lol bought an Xbox one today! Setting it up now! Couldn't wait for the COD edition! Will let you all know my gamer tag soon

  • rweyh is friends with Comb4tchuck
  • FREEZExFRAME uploaded a new avatar.
  • C9Deaner COD Clan [Xbox One] 3 Day Respawn
    23 hours ago

    it's so hard to wait for the xbox one call of duty bundle to come out! I'm about to break and go ahead and buy a regular one! LOL JK but seriously tho.

    FREEZExFRAME I hear you man... I'm really bad about that kind of stuff! I had both the PS4 and the Xbox One for a while and finally decided keeping both was probably overkill so dumped the PS4. Sold it the same night I listed it on Craigslist for full price back when they were really in demand.
    21 hours 42 minutes ago 1


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