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  • Dude4Him COD Clan [Xbox One] 3 Day Respawn
    10 hours 8 minutes ago

    Xbox Season Pass owners get access to “AE4″ and “AE4 Widowmaker” weapon on December 11th - Activision has just announced that Xbox One and Xbox 360 Season Pass owners will get access to the base “AE4″ weapon and the custom “AE4 Widowmaker” weapon on December 11th. The weapon is described as a ‘energy directed Assault Rifle’.

    Lifesong I really hate that COD allows early access to guns. Some of those guns end up being overpowered and everyone who pays extra gets to use them and has a potential advantage over others. This happened in Ghosts with one of their guns (mix between Assault and SMG). After everyone else got it, they patched it. Release maps early or things that don't truly effect game play, but do NOT release guns, equipment, score streaks, or anything else that can effect the game. I really don't like this strategy in games!
    10 hours ago 2
  • RisingCycle Destiny
    12 hours 18 minutes ago

    Let's get a raid party started! Tonight 9:00 EST, PS4, all skill levels are welcome!

    Let me know if you want to join up.

    PSN: RisingCycle

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    13 hours 22 minutes ago

    Colossians 3:17 HCSB

    And whatever you do, in word or in deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him. Colossians 3:17...

    Daily Bible Verse
  • Argo Destiny
    22 hours 51 minutes ago

    Does anyone play Destiny on ps3? We need a few more people to try vault of glass.

    TheParadox i do my psn id is TheParadox116
    5 hours 27 minutes ago
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  • Dude4Him COD Clan [Xbox One] 3 Day Respawn

    CoDAW In Game Audio Direction: I have been using the MS big cup headphones plugged into the controller. I hear some shooting behind me behind only to go investigate and no one is there. Is it just me?
    Today, I did buy the Polk Audio 4 Shot headphones so I can chat & get better sound. I hope to get correct directional sound.

    Dude4Him The Polk 4 Shot is perfect. Easy on the ears, clear sound and direction of sound seems legit now. I haven't tried the mic yet
    14 hours ago
  • DistinctLantern Destiny

    Hi All,

    Just joined 3DR tonight and Im pretty excited there is a group of believers out there who get together to game. My gamertag is DistinctLantern (obviously a green lantern fan!) and I game on the Xbox one. Looking for some people to play Destiny with. Im a level 26 warlock and just trying to level him up. Im a married man with children so its hard to find some cool people to play with. Hit me up if interested just let me know your from 3DR.

    JudgmentAwaits Welcome DL - Watch out for that lifesong guy - he's nuts
    13 hours 18 minutes ago
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