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  • BloodyReaper213 Prayer Requests
    49 minutes ago

    Hey all, I could really use some friends in Christ backing me up right now. I'm just doing pretty badly Christian life-wise.
    1. Pray I become stronger in Christ and that I call on Him when in need of strength and I resist temptation to the point of blood (For Today reference for my Metalhead family)
    2. Pray I am set free from this stronghold and that I remain free, not returning to my sin
    3. Pray I learn to forgive myself and move on
    4. Just pray for me and my walk with God in general. I need all the prayer I can get right now

    Thanks a lot everyone. Always keeping you all in my prayers!

    SoldiersofGod29 I understand almost completely what your going through I will be praying for you.
    45 minutes ago
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  • etdz07djpe
    3 hours 5 minutes ago

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  • takean replied to Ask Me Anything (AMA)
    8 hours 13 minutes ago
    Ok. Here is the update. Charter came and replaced the wireless router with another one (Brand new but same model). It is a dual band. Anyway...the...
  • MattMo15 shared a photo.
    9 hours 27 minutes ago

    Has anyone else tried this game yet for IOS and Android!? nI LOVE Trials and this game is pretty awesome for the iPhone... Try It Out! :-)

  • Lifesong Clash of Clans
    11 hours 19 minutes ago

    If you haven't attacked in the clan war yet, there is only 30 minutes left and we are down by 3! SoNGoKu33 and @CrimeDog I'm talking to you!

    SoNGoKu33 Man dang it I meant to attack this morning and forgot sorry guys got busy today doing house work!
    8 hours 59 minutes ago
  • FullThr0ttle21 Prayer Requests
    12 hours 1 minute ago

    a friend (and the only other guy in my office) just got fired and just help him find a new job quickly and help his stay on his feet.

    HammDogg13 That sucks. Will be praying!
    8 hours 32 minutes ago
  • Lifesong Live For Christ COD Clan
    13 hours 8 minutes ago

    New Clan War starts today! I believe we will be in Silver Division but not 100% confirmed yet. Try to play if you can and see if we can't start the war out strong today.

    FullThr0ttle21 ill be on tonight
    12 hours 9 minutes ago
  • MadHatter5045 replied to Ask Me Anything (AMA)
    13 hours 33 minutes ago
    Yes but both PCmark and 3dmark have been "played with" too much by Nvidia and AMD. Patches upon patches released that "fixed this blah blah optimize...
  • ClumsyCustard replied to Ask Me Anything (AMA)
    13 hours 54 minutes ago
    To go back to the benchmarking question. PCmark and 3dmark will give more information than just a FPS. But if that is the only information you need,...
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  • SOGTrueBeliever posted a new discussion

    16 hours 4 minutes ago

    Romans 14:11

    For it is written: As I live, says the Lord, every knee will bow to Me, and every tongue will give praise to God. Romans 14:11 HCSB...

    Daily Bible Verse
  • BHerr shared a photo.
    20 hours 31 minutes ago

    Picked these up a few days ago. What's your absolute favorite game nowadays?

    TheDarkArcane For PC, Currently from the amount I play it... the answer should be Minecraft(PC not Xbox), But really I love Cube World, however its stuck in Alpha right now and the Dev doesn't seem to be going anywhere with it. There's a Similar game coming out called Trove that is in Closed Beta Testing(which I have applied for ;D). My wife and I both Love Cube World, its so awesome, but we need a better second PC, and a Server Host =P

    Its tough to choose a favorite game because it depends on what mood I'm in, if I am going to play Multiplayer or single-player. Arcade or Core, FPS/Adventure/Racing
    Favorite Arcade Title? Battle Block Theater, my Bro and I have been having SO much fun with that... most of the time killing each other instead of running the puzzles >.>;;

    Favorite Racing? I'm not a Purest(Grand Turismo, Forza), I love arcadey style racing with power-ups and such. NFS:Most Wanted(Newer one, not older one) and Blur(MarioKart on Steroids) are my favorites.

    The Lego Series is great, though I wish Tt games would patch their glitches, I'm still waiting to pick up Lego Marvel and Lego The Hobbit. I do miss Online Co-op, though I love couch co-op, I miss playing with friends that don't live down the street.

    Way longer a reply then you were looking for I know ;P
    15 hours 13 minutes ago
  • MadHatter5045 uploaded a new Profile cover

    less than a minute ago

    MattMo15 Love it!
    10 hours 44 minutes ago
  • aBelovedWonder uploaded a new avatar.
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